Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is the second post for these photos (I had to erase the first one because it sort of went off tangent - so typical of me)
That said, I'm going to keep this one short and sweet (or rather savoury).
These are some buns filled with vegetables that I made a couple of nights ago, ones that I grew up eating. I called my mother on a whim and she walked me through the recipe over the phone.
This is my first attempt.
Needless to say there were definitely some issues:
1) I got bored while I was making them (it took 4 hours from start to finish)
2) They weren't as flavourful compared to the ones that my mom, aunt and grandmother made.

Back to the chopping board.


charrow said...

those are some tasty looking buns! Sorry, had to go there...you went there first.

David Gonzalez said...

Marcos you got to share some of these man. mmmhm buns haha

Marcos Chin said...

haha thanks charrow and david - i couldn't resist this post either especially after the betty white appearance on SNL!